Weiner And Spitzer Come Up Short In NYC Primaries


In the New York City mayoral primary Anthony Weiner finished the night with only 4.9% of the vote. He came in dead last in a field of five candidates. Uber-liberal Bill de Blasio appears to be the winner, but he’ll have to maintain more than 40% of the vote after all of the ballots are counted to avoid a run-off. His Republican opponent will be Joseph Lhota, who was deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani.

Client 9, er, Eliot Spitzer also came up short, but still managed to pull in 48% of the vote in the comptroller primary. He was bested by Scott Stringer who is expected to beat Republican John Burnett in November.

It looks like silly season is over in NYC, but I’m still glad I don’t live there.