Video: John McCain Surrenders On Obamacare



There was some procedural back and forth between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid just before the time Cruz’s marathon speech on the Senate floor had to end. Reid mentioned that John McCain was going to speak for 15 minutes after the session was called to order. It was lunch time so I turned it, but thanks to internet video I was able to be sickened by this speech later in the day. I figured I may as well share the misery. This is the guy Republicans chose to be the nominee in 2008, is it any wonder he lost and that the GOP is on its deathbed?

All McCain needed was a white flag to wave in front of the Democrats, he practically gave their rebuttal to Cruz’s 21 hour speech. He blabbed about elections having consequences, then as he surrendered on Obamacare he took issue over Cruz wondering if some pundits would have stood up to Hitler. Talk about irony.

Anyway, here you go, the distinguished Senator in all of his angry glory.