USA Today Blames Obamacare Problems On GOP


Obamacare was rammed through a Democrat Congress despite a majority of Americans being opposed to the rotten law. It’s thousands of pages long, so nobody bothered to read it before passing it. Now that it remains unpopular, and the Obama administration is having trouble implementing it, somehow it’s the fault of Republicans who had nothing to do with the crap sandwich. At least that’s the gist of the fine print in the latest USA Today poll.

Republican lawmakers have failed in dozens of attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but a new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows just how difficult they have made it for President Obama’s signature legislative achievement to succeed. […]

Opponents say the law’s own shortcomings are responsible for its travails. “This program is not ready for prime time,” says Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., chief sponsor of a bill passed by the U.S. House last week to delay the exchanges until additional anti-fraud measures are put in place. (Like dozens of previous House-passed measures on Obamacare, it isn’t expected to pass the Senate.)

When Obama signed the law more than three years ago, supporters predicted Americans would embrace it as some of the most popular provisions went into effect, including measures that have helped seniors pay prescription costs, protected children who have serious medical conditions and enabled young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26.

But that turnaround in public opinion hasn’t happened, at least not yet. (Read More)

Oh yeah, a law that was vehemently opposed by a majority of the population would suddenly become popular once the people found out what’s in it. Now they know what’s in it, and they know it stinks.

Who knows, maybe whoever wrote that is hoping to get a job with the Obama administration. That seems like the place to work for American reporters and journalists.

H/T The Weekly Standard