Shooter On The Loose At Washington Navy Yard – Update – Shooter Is Dead, Identified As Aaron Alexis


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This doesn’t sound good. There is a shooter on the loose at a US Navy yard in Washington. Here’s the latest from CBS News. I’m sure details will emerge and change as the day goes on.

At least two people have been shot and an active shooter is on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast D.C.

The U.S. Navy says three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. Monday at Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters Building 197 and D.C. police say at least two people have been shot.

The Navy Yard is on lockdown and a “shelter in place” order has been issued, the Navy says. About 3,000 people work in the building, the Navy says.

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A DC staffer posted this photo on twitter.

washington shooting

Update: The Washington Post has more information. They are reporting 4 dead and 8 injured, and that there are two shooters. As always, initial reports are often inaccurate.

Police now believe two shooters, including one in fatigues, have killed four people and wounded eight others at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, throwing the region into fear and chaos during the morning commute.

At least one of the shooters is “down,” police said mid-morning, but it was unclear whether that means the suspect has been arrested or shot. They said the other suspect remains at large, and police believe they have pinned down one between the third and fourth floors of one of the buildings on the installation in Southeast Washington.

Police on the scene said at least eight civilians were shot, along with the two police officers. One is a D.C. Metro Police officer who was shot twice in the leg and was evacuated on a helicopter that took off from a rooftop, police said. The other officer worked at the base. Except for the officer who was taken away by helicopter, all the other injured were being treated on the ground, police said.

Update 2:08 PM: Officials are doing a press conference and confirmed 12 dead. They continue to hunt for two suspects.

Update: 3:48 PM: The shooter has been identified as a man named Aaron Alexis who may have been a civilian contractor. Other reports indicate he previously served in the military. Not much is known about him at this point. He was killed at the scene. There are also conflicting reports about whether there are other suspects. One appears to have been ruled out.

Update 3:56 PM: Despite this horrific event, President Obama still went out and delivered a partisan speech about the economy. It is unknown whether or not he still plans to shake his groove thing this evening.