School Boards Facing Backlash Over Common Core


It looks like people are finally finding out about President Obama’s Common Core education curriculum that’s been adopted by almost every state in the union. School boards are getting an earful, as they should be. It’s too bad there wasn’t much opposition as this was being implemented.

As critics fear Washington is poised to take control of what and how local districts teach kids, school administrators are adopting new curriculum in an effort to ensure their students outperform their peers and parents worry that their children are being used as academic guinea pigs. As the program gets closer to full implementation, a full-blown backlash is developing despite assurances from supporters that it is merely a test aimed at establishing a national standard.


But if what happened in New York and Kentucky, two of the 45 states that have signed on to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, is any indication, the chaos has only just begun. Those states administered their own standardized tests aligned with Common Core, and the results were disastrous. Just 31 percent of New York students in the third through eighth grades were deemed proficient in math and English on the new tests, down about 50 percent from the traditional test given the year before. Kentucky, which also implemented its own Common Core-aligned tests, experienced similar declines in scores.

Other states are waiting until at least 2014-15 to implement Common Core tests that are still in development. But at the state and district level, educators are tinkering with the curriculum in the hopes of having students prepared for the new tests – sometimes with disastrous results. In the affluent town of Fairfield, Conn., the school district last year adopted a new math curriculum for eighth- and ninth-graders called College Preparatory Math, with an eye toward the looming Common Core tests. But a year later, standardized test scores dipped and, according to one parent, Kelly Crisp, kids who had always done well in math were left disillusioned with the subject.

Read the whole thing. The article went on to note that Common Core was first drawn up by the National Governors Association. But it’s been fully embraced by the Obama administration, and they’re the ones directing it.

Oh, and just as a reminder, Common Core includes an invasive student tracking system that has nothing to do with the NSA. I could go on and on about how this new curriculum is rotten to the core.