Oops! IPCC Finds Climate Not Warming As Much As They Predicted


The global warming hoax continues to unravel.

The world has warmed 0.05 degrees Celsius (0.09 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade over the past 15 years, a fraction of the 0.2ºC (0.36ºF) per decade rate confidently predicted by the U.N. six years ago, according to a leaked copy of the foremost climate report in the world.

That report, which is updated every six years by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is called the Assessment Report, and the fifth version (AR5) will be released Sept. 27. FoxNews.com has obtained a leaked copy of the first part of AR5 — and data in it appears to acknowledge that the world’s temperatures haven’t skyrocketed as many had feared. (Read More)

While this report is inconveniently timed, don’t expect the left to let up on their assault on deniers.

Talk about bad timing. Last month, environmental activists launched a well-funded new attack on Republican “climate change deniers” in hopes of making global warming a big issue in 2014. But as the campaign gets underway, a new report from the world’s leading climate scientists could leave environmentalists on the defensive, and the “deniers” more confident and assertive.

“HOLDING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS ACCOUNTABLE” read the headline of a League of Conservation Voters press release announcing a $2 million barrage of ads aimed at Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, as well as GOP Reps. Mike Coffman, Dan Benishek and Rodney Davis. “We’re changing the terms of the climate change debate,” said an LCV spokesman. “It’s no longer acceptable to be a member of Congress and deny basic science.”

Organizing for Action, the permanent arm of the Obama campaign, joined in, staging events and running an ad — “CALL OUT THE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS” — targeting House Speaker John Boehnerand Sen. Marco Rubio,among others.

The goal is to place opposition to the global warming agenda — heavy environmental regulation, a cap-and-trade or carbon tax program, massive “green energy” expenditures, huge international wealth transfers — outside the realm of polite discussion. But the discussion is about to change. (Read More)

The next time you hear these people babbling about science keep in mind that what they’re really talking about is science fiction.