One In Five CIA Applicants Is Tied To Terror Groups


Terrorists are so emboldened that they’re applying for jobs at the Central Intelligence Agency. They aren’t doing so in small numbers, either, as many as one in five applicants to the CIA have ties to terrorist groups.

At the same time a number of reports show al-Qaida growing in strength, contrary to the president’s claims it’s been “decimated,” the terror group has penetrated CIA headquarters.

That’s the latest shocking revelation from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s classified document dumps. They reveal at least one in five applicants for CIA positions have had significant ties to terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah and even al-Qaida. Far from being “on the run,” America’s top enemy is working tirelessly to infiltrate our top security agencies.

The document states that counterintelligence officials have uncovered literally thousands of job applicants with “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections.”

In response, the NSA has opened investigations into 4,000 instances of suspicious activity among intelligence staff, which include Arab and Muslim employees breaching computer security and downloading secret documents.

While those flagged have been screened out, it’s not known how many moles have snuck through the net at Langley and NSA and other key intelligence agencies.

Most of the moles are Arabic translators, and the problem began during the Bush administration.

After 9/11, U.S. security agencies faced a severe shortage of linguists to translate the mountain of wiretaps and documents the war generated, and to interpret the interrogations of Muslim terrorist suspects.

Instead of recruiting Coptic Christians or Sephardic Jews fluent in Arabic, they hastily turned to Muslim Brotherhood front groups to supply translators. (Read More)

I doubt that misguided policy has changed under the Obama administration.