Michelle Obama Takes Credit For ‘Cultural Shift’ And Healthy Eating


My kids started school this week, and my fourth grader came home this afternoon and told me he plans to bring his lunch every day. I asked why, he said “The food stinks.” He should tell that to Michelle Obama. She’s taking credit for a “cultural shift” to healthier eating habits.

Michelle Obama credited her anti-obesity program with bringing about a “cultural shift” in the way Americans eat.

“Make no mistake about it. We are changing the conversation in this country. We are creating a cultural shift on how we live and eat. And our efforts are having an impact on our children’s lives.”

The first lady touted the success of her Let’s Move anti-obesity program during a visit on Friday to Orr Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

Obama said when she first began her signature initiative, she couldn’t imagine a time when fast-food commercials advertised for breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites. And she praised restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden for offering healthy choices. (Read More)

She acts like we were all a bunch of idiots when it comes to diet and exercise before she came along. But that’s what these progressives think of us. They think we’re incapable of handling our own affairs or making our own choices without their guidance and wisdom.

Update: I was just wondering, when will a leftist take credit for the cultural shift that produced drive by shootings?