IG Report: IRS Hindered Efforts To Crack Down On Illegal Use Of Social Security Numbers


It’s a long holiday weekend, so perhaps you missed the news that an inspector general found that the IRS hindered efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants using fake or stolen Social Security numbers. I guess identity theft is okay in Obama’s America, as long as it’s illegal aliens stealing the identities of American citizens.

An audit report published this month by the inspector general for the Social Security Administration says that the Internal Revenue Service’s reluctance to penalize employers who consistently file W-2s on which the Social Security Number and name do not match has “hindered” the SSA’s efforts to stop “unauthorized noncitizens” from using Social Security Numbers that are fake or belong to someone else.

The audit report looked at “inaccurate wage reporting”—or the filing of W-2 forms on which the name and the Social Security Number do not match. The SSA has long said these no-match W-2s are frequently filed on behalf of illegal aliens. According to the IG audit report released earlier this month, a senior IRS official admitted to the IG that the service knows this is the case.

“Furthermore,” said the report, “a senior employment tax official at the IRS acknowledged that unauthorized noncitizens accounted for a high percentage of inaccurate wage reporting.” (Read More)

Good grief, what are we paying these people for?

H/T to Instapundit and Gateway Pundit