House Passes Another Bill To Avert Shutdown, Senate Rejects Another Bill To Avert Shutdown


Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The House passed yet another bill to avert a shutdown. This one delays the individual mandate to buy insurance for a year. That’s perfectly reasonable considering that Obama has already granted employers and big businesses a one year delay. It also mandates that Congress members and their staffs forego the taxpayer contribution to their health care plans. It’s not like any Americans working in the private sector earning similar wages will get a taxpayer subsidy for their health plans. But the Democrats controlling the Senate still wouldn’t budge and rejected the bill immediately.

Weathering the early signs of cracks in their unity, the Republican Party passed its latest spending proposal through the House Monday night, saying it was a good-faith effort to prevent a government shutdown while working to blunt the worst parts of President Obama’s health law.

But less than an hour later the Senate killed the proposal on a party-line vote — the third one in a row it’s shot down — and again demanded House Republicans pass a spending bill without preconditions. (Read More)

With under two hours to go, it looks like a shutdown is inevitable. Of course, you know whose side the media is on.

Oh, and speaking of a shutdown, maybe it’s a good time to find out which government employees aren’t really that essential. We can start with White House staff.

Update: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again, and the Senate and Obama finally did the right thing for once. They agreed to a measure funding the military in the event of a shutdown. I’m sure they didn’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They just knew it would have been really bad optics not to. Ted Cruz has been suggesting for a while now that the Republicans continue to pass smaller bills funding different aspects of the government which will make it harder for the Democrats to reject. It sounds like a good idea.