GOP Leadership Scheme To Fund Obamacare Falls Flat With Conservative Members


Thankfully there are some conservative members of Congress willing to go against the Republican leadership. Earlier this week it was revealed that GOP leaders in the House concocted a scheme that would allow members to vote to defund Obamacare, but also send the Senate another version of a spending bill allowing the Senate to fund it. That scheme isn’t going over very well.

A revolt by tea party conservatives forced House GOP leaders on Wednesday to delay a vote on a temporary spending bill required to prevent a government shutdown next month.

GOP leaders pulled the measure from the House schedule after initial vote counts showed them running into opposition from several dozen staunch conservatives who think the leadership is not fighting hard enough to block implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The conservatives are unhappy with a plan by GOP leaders to advance the measure through the House coupled with a provision to derail implementation of the new health care law but allow the Democratic Senate to send it on to the White House shorn of the “defund ‘Obamacare'” provision so long as there is a vote on it.

The plan by top Republicans like Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia is designed to keep government agencies running through Dec. 15. Cantor’s office announced the delay.

The GOP leadership-sponsored strategy features an unusual twist: The measure would pass the House as a single bill but would be decoupled when presented to the Senate, a trick designed to permit the Democratic-led chamber to advance the must-do funding measure to the president as a “clean” bill that’s free of the assault on Obama’s signature health care law.

The complicated plan landed with a thud among many tea party conservatives seeking to use the must-pass funding bill to spark a last-ditch battle with Democrats and Obama on the health care law. Health insurance exchanges are slated to begin functioning on Oct. 1. (Read More)

Why not just pass a bill funding everything but Obamacare? If the Senate rejects it and the government shuts down it will be the fault of the Democrats.