Freedom Vs. Coercion


Rand Paul

Senator Ted Cruz yielded for a question from Senator Rand Paul at about 8:30 AM during Cruz’s marathon, all night long, speech on the Senate floor against Obamacare. Senator Paul said that the fight is about freedom vs. coercion. He’s exactly right.

Just take what President Obama said last night, when he was slamming Republicans for trying to “scare” people. (All people need to do to be scared of Obamacare is read the headlines every day. Unfortunately, those headlines were scarce during the last election.)

“People generally don’t like to be told you’ve to get health insurance. And employers don’t like to be told you’ve got to give your employees health insurance,” Obama said. “But as a society what we cannot do is to say you have no responsibilities whatsoever but you’ve got guaranteed coverage.”

Right there Obama admitted that he is coercing people into buying health insurance. He’s saying that we, as Americans, do not have the right to choose not to purchase health insurance. This is paternalism at its worst.