Extreme Buffoon Wasserman-Schultz now Hates Recalls


Ramen Noodle haired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz really hates it when Democrats get slapped by Constitutional measures to remove their anti-American asses out of power. She thinks that using last ditch efforts to right the progressive wrongs is way too extreme because, come on, last ditch efforts are so last election cycle guys.

Breitbart’s Big Government.com has the story that the DNC chair is as angry as her hair.

Wasserman Schultz: Colorado Recalls ‘Blatant Attack on Our Democratic Principles’

Wasserman Schultz:Democrat National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) says the coming recall elections of Colorado state senators John Morse (D) and Angela Giron (D) are “a blatant attack on our Democratic principles.” Colorado Recalls ‘Blatant Attack on Our Democratic Principles’

…Yet Schultz says this is not about Coloradans but about out-of-state groups funding and pushing a recall effort which was unnecessary. So far, however, out-of-state groups and individuals seem to be the ones taking sides with Morse and Giron.

For example, Obama’s Organizing for Action operatives are running Giron’s office, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated $350,000 to help Morse and Giron fight the recall effort.

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Poor angry haired Debbie and her fellow extreme Democrats are feeling very upset about this whole thing. It’s an affront to our America when Democrats are challenged after all (emphasis mine).

The Worst Election You’ve Never Heard of

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic National Committee Chair

As Chair of the Democratic Party, I’ve been to more GOTV events than I can count. I’ve visited almost every state and have been involved in everything from the Presidential election to Governorships to ballot initiatives and small town races.

But never have I seen an election like the one that’s happening in Colorado right now.

After the Colorado legislature passed commonsense gun violence prevention measures, national deep-pocketed gun lobbyists and their allies decided they weren’t satisfied. They weren’t going to let a small thing like the democratic process get in their way. So instead of waiting until the next election (which is only a little more than a year away), they’re bankrolling a wasteful recall effort on two current elected officials — elected officials who have strong track records on job creation, education and strengthening Colorado’s middle-class families.

No, she’s never seen “an election like the one” in Colorado. That recall effort is “wasteful” and these people pushing for it are breaking the “democratic process”.

Except when Debbie does it of course.

Scott Walker Recall: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Host Fundraiser For Tom Barrett

WASHINGTON — The Democratic National Committee is increasing its involvement in the push to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), promising grassroots assistance and a fundraiser hosted by the chair.

…DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) called Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) on Tuesday, pledging her full support of his gubernatorial campaign…

…Wasserman Schultz will host a fundraiser for Barrett in Wisconsin later this month; the exact date has not been set…
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And after all, using out of state money – say, like OFA money – for a recall would also be super un-American but (emphasis mine)…

Wasserman Schultz: Wisconsin recall a ‘dry run’ for November

“I think that he [Barrett] has a real opportunity to win,” Wasserman Schultz  said. “We have put our considerable grassroots resources behind him.  All of the Obama for America and state party resources, our grassroots network  is fully engaged…”

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What many forget is that, while the Wisconsin Governor recall was stealing the news, there were also a handful of state Senate seats targeted for recall as well. It turns out that the Democrats were getting a lot more of their money from out of state.

Out-of-state donors fuel Democrat’s recall campaigns

25 percent of reported contributions to Democrat campaigns from out of state

MADISON — Democratic and Republican state senators facing recall elections have received a healthy financial boost from political donors residing outside the Badger State, according to campaign finance documents released Tuesday.
But the influx of out-of-state money is significantly larger for the three Democratic incumbents.

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We all remember well the amount of union support and money also dumped into the recall efforts, but Democrats don’t count that as an out of state influence. We all remember the throngs of bussed in out of state demonstrators too, but Democrats don’t count that as an out of state influence. Extreme Democrats have a  unique way of whining and Debbie really does it well.