Evil Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Sues Bloggers


The convicted felon Brett Kimberlin, AKA the Speedway Bomber, has filed a lawsuit against bloggers RS McCain, Aaron Walker, WJJ Hoge, National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar and the anonymous blogger at Kimberlin Unmasked. This is a tactic these leftists use known as “lawfare,” where they tie people up in court and legal fees in attempts to silence them. According to a joint statement, none of the defendants will be answering questions until they have talked to counsel.

The defendants believe that the suit is without merit and is part of Kimberlin’s continued effort to use lawfare to silence journalists and bloggers who have written about Kimberlin’s criminal past. The defendants will not be made available for comment until they have finished initial consultations their respective legal counsel.

What’s with these evil people? Good grief, don’t they have anything better to do with their time? I guess not.

Via Kathy Shaidle, if you’re unfamiliar with Brett Kimberlin, here’s a refresher. Kimberlin’s “non profit organizations” are funded by leftists. Oh, and be sure to hit the defendants’ tip jars. Blogging isn’t that lucrative, and having to respond to these frivolous lawsuits certainly doesn’t help.

Update: Heh! Da TechGuy says “Discovery should be loads of fun.” I’ll say!

Update 2: MareZilla linked and weighed in.