Environmentalism Will Bring On A New Dark Age


Investor’s Business Daily has the latest on how environmental regulations are sending Great Britain back to the Dark Age.

It seems that Great Britain is struggling to keep the lights on. This shouldn’t happen in a developed nation, but it’s where the environmental movement is taking us.

In late August, National Geographic reported that Ofgem, Britain’s energy industry regulator, has “warned of an impending ‘near-crisis’ of energy supply, calling the situation ‘horrendous’ and likening it to being on a roller coaster headed ‘downhill — fast.'”

Apparently Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has even said he was working to “keep the lights on” while Ofgem’s capacity assessment says “risks to electricity security of supply over the next six winters have increased since our last report in October 2012.”

National Geographic says “the main reason for the possible crunch” is “closing a number of aging coal-fired plants — as well as some oil and nuclear ones — to meet European Union environmental laws.”

What Britain will be left with after its surrender to the “European Union environmental laws” is a reserve electric power capacity of between 2% and 5% — roughly half of what it is now.

It will lose 20% of its power plants over the next decade, and will have no coal-powered facilities, which provided 39% of the country’s electricity just last year.

From there, National Geographic’s story gets even uglier. (Read More)

Our current leaders are in lock-step with the European Union on environmental and energy matters, so this is of concern to all of us. Think of the coal plants that are closing down thanks to all of the EPA regulations. Heck, Obama promised to bankrupt coal companies, what did people think the result would be?