Dick Durbin: Being Poor Enough To Qualify for Medicaid Is ‘Good News’



I’m no fan of Senator Dick Durbin, but at least he showed up for Senator Ted Cruz’s marathon speech to make his case for support of Obamacare, which is more than most on his side can say. Cruz yielded for a question and Durbin told the story of “Judy,” a 62 year old hotel worker who has never had health insurance.

“The good news for Judy is that her income is so low that she now qualifies for Medicaid for the first time in her life.”

That’s what Democrats see as good news – living in such a state of poverty that you are eligible for a government program. They’re bound and determined to bring even more “good news” to the people of the United States. The way things are going there’s going to be “good news” for a generation of Americans, at the least.

Durbin made that remark on Tuesday, and then brought Judy up again Wednesday morning. Cruz shot back that “thousands or millions” of Americans could be losing their health insurance.

“You told the story of Judy, and I do think we should have reforms to address her circumstance,” Cruz said. But he also noted that there are “thousands or millions of people” who are in danger of losing their health insurance right now because of Obamacare. “And they have to be balanced in this equation as well,” he said.

Cruz said, “The Senator from Illinois made a reference to Judy not needing to be in first class, but being content to be in coach. You know, I think that analogy is a powerful one, but what it really highlights is the special exemption that’s been put in place for members of Congress, because President Obama has put an exemption in place for members of Congress that says members of Congress can fly first class, to use your airline analogy — but average Americans who are being forced onto exchanges where their employers can’t subsidize their premiuims — they’re not even flying coach, they’re being put in the baggage compartment.” (Read More)

Of course, Durbin did not offer to give up his exemption and the wonderful health insurance plan the taxpayers provide him with. He even acknowledged that Congress has the “best health insurance in America.” When he asked Cruz if he was on the federal health insurance plan, Cruz answered that he is not, which I found interesting.