Despite Mass Shooting At Navy Yard Obama Delivers Partisan Economic Speech



There’s something seriously wrong with the mind of President Obama. As parts of Washington, DC remained on lockdown after a mass shooting at the Navy yard near Capitol Hill, Obama delivered a partisan speech on the economy that was previously scheduled. You would think he would have postponed his attack on his opponents until the DC shooters were apprehended and the bodies of those murdered weren’t still warm.

In all fairness, at least he acknowledged “yet another mass shooting” in America. Then he got down to business.

The president then went into a lengthy and familiar defense of his economic record as events surrounding the Navy Yard murders continued to unfold.  Obama criticized Republicans in advance of the upcoming budget battle, mocked Mitt Romney as having lost after calling for a repeal of ObamaCare, and talked about the economy he inherited from George W. Bush:

“President Barack Obama says the nation’s financial system is `safer’ five years after the collapse of a Wall Street giant plunged the nation deeper into a recession.

Obama marked the fifth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers by surrounding himself with Americans the White House says have benefited from the administration’s economic and banking policies.

Obama says his administration has laid a “new foundation” for a stronger economy. But he admits that the benefits are not being felt by many middle class Americans.” (Read More)

Shortly after he spoke the death toll rose to 12.

Update: Jay Carney defended his boss, saying the speech was “entirely appropriate.”