Shameless Democrats Continue To Exploit Crises To Push Agenda


“Never let a crisis go to waste,” seems to be the official mantra of the Democrat Party. No matter what the crisis or tragedy they trot out while the bodies are still warm to politicize the events and push their agenda. The implication is that Republicans are directly responsible for the death of innocents.¬†They have no shame.

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Harry Reid went out and blamed the flooding in Colorado on climate change, ironically in the same week a leaked IPCC report indicated global warming is nowhere near the crisis that they predicted. This, even though they continue to manipulate data to suit their agenda.

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Dick Durbin went out and implied that if a gun control bill had been passed that the Washington Navy yard shooter wouldn’t have been able to obtain a weapon and carry out his crime.

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Jay Carney told reporters that President Obama will take executive action following the shooting, as if his prior executive actions have done any good.

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To top it off, the mayor of Washington, DC blamed the deaths on sequestration, despite having no evidence whatsoever to substantiate his claim.

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Is there any low today’s Democrats won’t stoop to in order to score political points?

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Oh, and just as a side note, the FBI confirmed that the DC shooter did NOT use an AR15 as was widely reported in the media. He used a shotgun, the sort of gun Vice President Joe Biden encouraged us all to go out and buy.

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