De Blasio Is ACORN’s Candidate For NYC Mayor


The corrupt organization formerly known as ACORN is alive and well, and their candidate won the Democrat primary in the New York City mayoral race. Bill de Blasio and ACORN go way back, and remember Bertha Lewis? She was there to celebrate his primary night victory and proclaimed “We’re back.” They’re just operating under a different name.

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The New York Post has the story:

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The leftist group ACORN has been plotting for more than a decade to install Bill de Blasio at City Hall, a Democratic Party source has told The Post.

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“Without exaggeration, ACORN’s long-range plan since 2001 was to elect de Blasio mayor,” said the Democratic insider. “De Blasio was a big ACORN project.”

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The Democratic mayoral candidate has marched in lock step with ACORN, now renamed New York Communities for Change, even before he took public office in 2001. …

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Eight years later, ACORN was back at de Blasio’s side and, with the union-financed Working Families Party, helped him become public advocate, a perch he used to become the Democratic nominee for mayor.

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A key cog in the de Blasio political machine is Bertha Lewis, the former ACORN head who also co-founded the Working Families Party.

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On primary election night earlier this month, when she stood on stage t next to de Blasio, Lewis made it clear ACORN’s work had paid off.

“We’re baaaack. The right wing will have to deal with it,” she chuckled.

Read the whole thing.

This news might have come out earlier if not for the whole Weiner side show.