Convicted Felon Jesse Jackson, Jr To Receive Disability Benefits For ‘Mental Disorder’


Jesse Jackson Jr

Convicted felon and former Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. came down with a mental disorder shortly after he was investigated for corruption. How convenient. Now he’ll be rewarded with federal disability benefits, paid for by you and me. Isn’t life grand?

In another sign Washington’s hopelessly corrupt, disgraced Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will collect tens of thousands of dollars in government disability pay while serving time for defrauding government.

Seems the feds bought his last-minute claims of a “mood disorder,” qualifying him for a reported $8,700 a month in federal aid.

This outrageous largess comes on top of a partial federal pension of $45,000 he’ll also collect, despite his sins in office. This is the same convicted swindler who lined his pockets with federal campaign cash.

As the feds were closing in on Jackson, he suddenly didn’t feel so hot. He vanished for two weeks from his Capitol office before his staff disclosed he was on medical leave for “exhaustion.”

Read the whole thing. In Washington, DC crime pays, at least for corrupt Democrats.