Blaming The Weapon Rather Than The Perpetrator



Today there was a memorial service for the victims of Aaron Alexis’s murderous rampage at the Navy yard in Washington, DC. It’s sad beyond belief, and my heart goes out to the families of the victims. President Obama spoke, and I’m sure it was difficult. (But it wasn’t so bad the day it happened for him to cancel a political attack speech.) Of course, for him it all comes down to gun control.

President Obama paid tribute Sunday to the 12 civilians killed last week in the Washington Navy Yard shootings and urged Americans to help take guns “out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.”
Obama told the country that the service, in the shadows of Capitol Hill, marks the fifth time that he as president has remembered victims of a mass shooting and tried to console their grieving families.
“It ought to be a shock to us,” Obama said in his roughly 15-minute speech. “It ought to lead us to some sort of transformation. … Our hearts are broken again.”
The president, in a somber but defiant tone, suggested that Washington and the rest of the country has lost its resolve to end the level of gun violence that sets the United States apart from other countries.

He’s focusing on the weapon rather than the perpetrator. Alexis was able to get a security clearance despite a history of severe mental health issues and the misuse of firearms. So what’s to make us believe that a gun dealer would have done better at checking his background than a contractor to the United States Navy?

Instead of focusing on the weapons, why not focus on the perpetrators? Why not focus on why these people carry out these heinous crimes? Charles Krauthammer wrote an op-ed last week that addresses the lack of care for the mentally ill these days. The guy was hearing voices in his head, having a pretty clear schizophrenic breakdown, and the police just sent him on his way. Shouldn’t we be talking about that?

When it comes to gun violence, why not blame the politicians who shut the institutions that could house and treat the mentally ill? Why not blame the absentee fathers of the young men in the cities gunning each other down every day? Why not blame the radical Islamics that inspire guys like the Boston bombers and the Ft. Hood shooter? Why not blame the gangsta rappers who glorify violence?

With their welfare programs and their political correctness the political class has created these monsters and now they don’t want anyone to be able to defend themselves against them. More gun-free zones won’t solve the problem, just look at Chicago.