Another Speech, Another Distraction


So, President Obama is giving a big speech tonight on Syria. I won’t be watching, and I won’t be listening. Sure, if he makes a huge gaffe it will be all over the net so I can always catch it later. But I have better things to do with my time than listening to the Distractor In Chief ramble on and on.

You’re not supposed to say that The Syrian Crisis has been manufactured for domestic political purposes. The underlying situation is legitimately serious enough — a two-year civil war in which the dictatorship has allegedly used sarin nerve gas against civilians.

The problem is that this administration is so dishonest and cynical, so committed to campaigning and so inept at governing, that whatever they do, our natural suspicion is that they’re playing politics.

Serious People therefore cannot say what a lot of people suspect: When Congress returned from their August recess, they were due to have hearings on a series of Obama administration scandals — IRS, NSA and especially, Benghazi. By ginning up an international crisis over Syria, Obama was basically shouting: “Look! Squirrel!”

If Syria is the Big Story that all Serious People are supposed to be talking about, all the scandal investigations — IRS, NSA, Benghazi — became by definition Small Stories for Unserious People. (Read More)

The above goes on to note that tomorrow is the anniversary of the Benghazi attack but all anyone will be talking about is Obama’s Syria speech. Excellent point. (Oh, and in case you missed it, today Jeb Bush presented Hillary Clinton with the Liberty Medal. No kidding.)

Bob Belvedere thinks we should make tomorrow, 9/11/13, “Don’t Blog About Obama Day.”

I believe we should do everything within our power to deny Obama the triumph of his deflection.

Obama is trying, as Stacy says, to ‘play’ us.  Where does it say that we have to take it like the chumps he thinks we are?

I urge you to refuse to Barack Hussein Obama what he wants.  Shun him and his minions for one day.

On September 11th, 2013, do not blog or Tweet or publicly remark about Obama or his speech or anything about him and his comrades.  Go silent on them for they are not worthy of being talked about on such a sacred day of remembrance. (Read More)

I totally get where Bob is coming from. I’ll do my best. Then again, Obama is deserving of our criticism and scorn every day of the year. He’s an absolute disaster, and the consequences of his presidency are going to be felt for generations to come on all fronts – national security, the economy, health care – you name it, he’s screwed it up.

Update: The Washington Times has a recap of the big speech. In short, the Nobel Prize winner says he still wants to bomb Syria to send a message.