Angry Over NSA Snooping, Brazilian President Cancels State Visit

The president of Brazil is so mad about being spied on by the NSA that she canceled a state visit scheduled for next month. Apparently, President Obama’s charm and charisma were lost on her. Perhaps if he had spoke to her from a podium, with his teleprompter, in front of an adoring audience, he may have changed her mind.

In an unprecedented snub to President Obama, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has canceled her official state visit to the White House scheduled for next month, angered by revelations of U.S. spying on her and on major Brazilian state institutions.

The White House released a statement Tuesday saying that both presidents “agreed to postpone” Ms. Rousseff’s visit, scheduled for Oct. 23. But it is the Brazilian leader who is incensed about the National Security Agency’s surveillance of her, her top aides and a Brazilian energy company.

The two presidents spoke by phone for 20 minutes Monday night, but Mr. Obama’s explanations to Ms. Rousseff about the spying were not enough to prevent her from canceling the trip. (Read More)

Can you imagine if this happened to George Bush? The media would have had a field day.