Air Force Christian faces the Progressive Inquisition



NOBODY expects the progressive inquisition!

Especially, you know, Americans who are used to that thing called the First Amendment. With America under new management (which is all radical progressive and stuff) the entirely old and tired notion of the freedom to believe is OK as long as it conforms with what the new management tells one what they can believe. That, of course, really isn’t freedom and that, of course, isn’t something the new management really cares about anyway.

So what is the progressive inquisition? Under new management, the progressive inquisition is about the right kind of belief – but that right kind of belief is not belief as protected by the First Amendment. Instead it is really an anti-belief.

The First Amendment champions at Breitbart have the story of an Air Force First Sergeant of a training squadron at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas who is being investigated basically for the new management crime of being a Christian believer.

Christian Airman Claims He Was Fired by Lesbian Commander for Gay Marriage Stance

Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk has served in the U.S. Air Force for 19 years with a clean service record. But his new lesbian commander has relieved him of duty and is threatening his career, allegedly because of his Christian beliefs regarding gay marriage. Officials are investigating as Monk appeals his punishment.

What did the most senior enlisted leader of the base do? Well, he blasphemed the progressive inquisition.

Valenzuela gave Monk an order, demanding Monk tell her whether he regards those who oppose gay marriage as discriminating against homosexuals. His attorneys add that he was told that supporting gay marriage was now military policy, and that he was not allowed to disagree with that policy.

Monk claims he responded that he could not answer Valenzuela’s question the way she wanted, and that he feared expressing his true beliefs could put him in legal jeopardy.

Monk was then relieved of his duties.

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It gets worse. In an update posted today, reports that First Sergeant Monk is now facing CRIMINAL charges and possible court martial.

Now the Air Force has taken the first steps to criminally investigate Monk for talking to the media about his situation. Despite the fact that earlier this year the Obama-Hagel Pentagon said they would never court-martial a service member for their Christian faith, they have taken the first steps to possibly court-martial Monk.

On Aug. 27, an Air Force investigator met with Monk and his attorney, Mike Berry from Liberty Institute. Berry expected it to be a routine meeting to take a statement from his client, but during the meeting the investigator said that he would read Monk his Miranda rights.

Monk was advised that he is being investigated for committing a crime by the U.S. military for making a false official statement, that he has the right to remain silent, and that he has the right to an attorney. The Air Force then assigned military defense counsel to him and is deciding whether to formally charge him with a crime, at which point Monk would either have to admit guilt and accept further punishment or face a court martial.

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Persecution is the tool of progressives.