You Know The World Has Turned Upside Down When…


The world has completely turned upside down. While you enjoyed your end of summer cookouts, like we did, the world has literally been going mad. They’re gassing each other in Syria. Egypt is on fire.  And here in the US teachers are covering for their pedophile colleagues. Worse, yet, not only are they sticking up for the pedophile, they’re  subjecting the victim’s family to a campaign of terror.

In the mean time, the Obama administration has handed down explicit orders to not detain illegal aliens who happen to be parents. So all of those women who sneak across the border to make sure their kids are born in the United States will get a pass. Hey, nothing like incentivising bad behavior.

Then there is more information coming out on Obama’s collectivist “Common Core” education curriculum. They want to connect all US school children to overseas jihadists. Fantastic, what will they think of next?

Oh well, it could be worse. If you don’t happen to be the love interest of an NSA employee chances are he (or she) isn’t wasting time reading your emails.

These days if you like this song by The Kinks you’ll probably be subjected to inclusion therapy, or worse.

Kinks – Lola (Top Of The Pops 1970) by newcanadian

Lola, LOLA!They want us all to be Lola.