Whatever Happened To Fridays Being Slow News Days?


Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought Fridays were supposed to be slow news days, with the exception of the classic Friday news dumps that are becoming more common. Anyway, today was a busy news day and unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to get to it all. So here are the links to everything I missed.

Rep. Charlie Rangle, the crook from New York, compared the tea party to the rotten Democrats who used to suppress black people. He just didn’t mention the part about the Democrats and he called the tea party people “crackers.”

Speaking of crackers, the Chattanooga Times Free Press editor who told President Obama to take his jobs plan and shove it has been fired. He says he was fired for violating a rule put into place after his piece was published. Do you think the White House had anything to do with the firing? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that’s the case.

I also won’t be surprised if Obama decides subsidizing a Russian oligarch’s private jet is a good idea. Not that I approve.

The “phony” IRS scandal hasn’t gone away. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been accused of obstructing House Republicans’ investigation. They’ve issued a subpoena for more documents, which he’ll probably ignore.

The war on women continues, but Republicans aren’t the aggressors. This time it’s Yale, where rape seems to have been redefined. Apparently, at Yale a young man can engage in acts of “nonconsensual sex” and get away with it.

The economic news this morning was pretty bad, even though the official unemployment rate inched down to 7.4%. Well, it didn’t get better as the day went on. It turns out that a whopping 77% of the jobs created in 2013 are part time jobs. Under Obamanomics, the young are the hardest hit. Not that Obamanomics isn’t bad for all but the 1%.

Back to “phony” scandals, what were dozens of CIA agents doing in Benghazi last September, and why are they and their families being intimidated? It’s been reported that some of them are even being subjected to regular polygraph exams. Something stinks, yet John Boehner doesn’t seem to be interested in finding out what was going on.

One final thing, conservative blogger Caleb Howe is in the hospital and in need of extended care and plenty of prayers. The Other McCain has information on how you can help Caleb and his family during this tough time.

Update: One more thing that I missed – the GOP should stop listening to the media and the Democrats.