What Do The Race Baiters Have To Say About The Teens Who Killed The Baseball Player?


Christopher Lane Suspects

Christopher Lane, an Australian college baseball player, was out for a run in Duncan, Oklahoma minding his own business when three teens gunned him down to cure their boredom, according to authorities. Lane, who was a catcher for East Central University, was white. The suspects in the case are black.

Have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey or any of the other race baiters spoken out about this senseless act of violence? Has President Obama weighed in? If so, I haven’t heard about it.

We don’t know if they were motivated by racial animosity, but that never stops the race hustlers when the tables are turned.

As a side note, the Australian media is reporting this in the context of gun control, but there is no indication that these teenagers obtained their weapon legally. And the last time I checked shooting another human being for sport was already illegal.

Update: Another media outlet shows a different photo for 17 year old Michael Jones. That Michael Jones is white, and has been charged as an accessory for driving the car. It was also reported that James Edwards laughed and danced as he was being hauled into the police station to face charges, treating this crime as if it was a joke.

Update 2: So much for the “boredom” defense. It sounds more like this was a crime of rapper resume enhancement.