What Business Does The Federal Government Have Telling People Where To Live?


It’s been a couple of weeks since the Obama administration announced its new diversity maps of every neighborhood in the United States. They want to dictate where we all live, and who we decide to live among. What business do they have dictating who lives in which neighborhood? And if you don’t think that’s their plan, well, think again.

Affirmatively furthering “fair housing,” as HUD is eager to do, requires government to act with magisterial powers. That’s not the role of the state in a free society. Overseeing neighborhood makeup isn’t a function of a legitimate government, but of an oppressive one.

It makes us nervous to know government might be compiling demographic data from every neighborhood in the country, especially when that information will be used by Washington to, as the rule states, “assess fair housing issues, identify the primary determinants that account for those issues, and set forth fair housing priorities and goals.” …

When we first wrote about this rule just last month, we pointed out that Donovan had a “scheme to map ‘racist’ suburbs for targeting by diversity cops” and is willing to take on a project that “could degrade the lifestyles of tens of millions of Americans — including hard-working middle-class minorities — who moved to the suburbs to get away from crime and bad schools.”

That may not be tyranny in most people’s understanding of the word. But it sure moves us a step closer to it.

Read the whole thing. The liberals nearly brought down the economy with the CRA, no doubt they’ll do it again with this diversity nonsense. Oh, and then they’ll call for another trillion or so in stimulus to “fix” the problems they created in the first place, and anyone who speaks out will be denounced as raaaaacist.