Video: Leno Slammed Obama As Obama Waited Off Stage



President Obama’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was what you would expect, more of the same. We heard the usual blabbering about the economy and the middle class, and he assured us that the NSA isn’t spying on us, and pooh-poohed the terrorist threat that has closed our embassies across thousands of miles in the world. The most notable part was Leno’s opening monologue when he slammed Obama who was waiting off stage.

“President Obama has sent John McCain to Cairo to help solve the political problems that brought the Egyptian government to a halt. I got an idea. How about solving the problems that brought our government to a halt.”

Ouch! Now that was good TV.

Oh, I almost forgot, Obama also seemed to brush aside Russia granting asylum to Edward Snowden, saying Putin sometimes needs to be reminded to drop the Cold War mentality. But then this morning the White House announced they’re canceling his meeting next month with Putin. It’s like he has no clue what’s even going on with his own administration. Go figure.