Video: Elbert Guillory Announces ‘Free At Last’ PAC


Elbert Guillory

A few months ago Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory ditched the Democrat Party. Now he’s created the “Free at Last” PAC to help elect black conservatives. Here’s his video announcement, that not only slams the Democrats, but also takes the GOP to task for giving up on the black vote and failing to articulate a positive conservative message.

Only capitalism can provide the upward mobility for the weakest among us to break the shackles of poverty, and rise into the middle class. This is what we call the American Dream. Republicans have always been the champions of capitalism, but in recent history we’ve done a terrible job of articulating these values to a new audience. The truth is, today, black Americans know very little about the Republican Party. Republicans have spent too long cowering behind closed doors, and acting ashamed of the very values that made America the shining city on the hill. …

People have been too afraid to speak truth to power, but I am not afraid. Wake up, my brothers and sisters of the American community. Liberalism has nearly destroyed black America, and now it is time for black America to return the favor. The Bible says ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'”

I love this guy. Why can’t all Republicans speak like he does?

Be sure to watch the whole video, I didn’t have time to transcribe the whole thing, and it’s four minutes of awesome.

H/T Canada Free Press and Michelle C.