US Army Still Has Contracts With Companies With Al-Qaeda Ties


This is complete insanity. Our tax dollars are funding contracts the US Army has with companies that have ties to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. As usual, we are funding our enemies.

The U.S. Army is refusing to suspend contracts with dozens of companies and individuals tied to Al Qaeda and other extremist groups out of concern for their “due process rights,” despite repeated pleas from the chief watchdog for Afghanistan reconstruction.

In a scathing passage of his latest report to Congress, Special Inspector General John Sopko said his office has urged the Army to suspend or debar 43 contractors over concerns about ties to the Afghanistan insurgency, “including supporters of the Taliban, the Haqqani network and al Qaeda.”

Sopko wrote that the Army “rejected” every single case.

“The Army Suspension and Debarment Office appears to believe that suspension or debarment of these individuals and companies would be a violation of their due process rights if based on classified information or if based on findings by the Department of Commerce,” Sopko said, summing up the Army’s position. (Read More)

“Due proces!?!?” You’ve got to be kidding me. Good grief, what next?