Update: Obama Preparing to Drop His “Green” Hammer on the U.S. Economy


thCA0HGS09***It certainly didn’t take long for the Obama Administration to not only exacerbate it’s obvious disdain for the legislative process and the constitution, but also to accelerate it’s push for entangling the U.S. further into global partnerships to combat climate change. For goodness sake, the ink has barely dried from my original blog.  Gotta keep on your toes with this gang of slippery statists.

Said Secretary of State John Kerry at a news conference on Tuesday:

“So the challenge is ahead of us, for all of us, and I know that the United States has a great commitment under President Obama to take our own initiatives, not even to wait for congressional action, but to move administratively in order to do our part. I know we can continue to work with Brazil on this issue of climate, and we look forward to doing so.”
“We need to inspire meaningful reform and action within the Major Economies Forum (on Energy and Climate Change). We need to lead the effort to phase down hydro-fluorocarbons in the Montreal Protocol. (Hydro-fluorocarbons are “greenhouse gases” used for refrigeration and air conditioning.) And together, Brazil and the United States need to join with other countries in an effort to negotiate a climate agreement in 2015 that is ambitious and flexible and that works for all of us.”

So, just how much U.S. taxpayer money do you suppose Kerry promised Brazil behind closed doors for this new “partnership”?  He probably looks at this as paying a penance for the U.S.not acting on the guidelines developed during the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio where, he just so happened to meet his sugar-mommy, I mean wife, Teresa.***


Despite reams of scientific studies and data to the contrary, $100’s of millions already wasted on failed “green” energy projects, and a majority of Americans placing “global warming/climate change” near the bottom of the list of national priorities, Barack Obama is nevertheless gearing up for a full frontal assault on reliable, cost-efficient energy producers, the economy, and taxpayer’s wallets in his unheeded quest to turn the nation “green.”

Cutting carbon emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change are the biggest environmental policies the president is pursuing, but they are not the only ones. His deputies are laying the groundwork to manage public lands across broad regions, drawing on high-tech mapping to balance energy interests against conservation needs.

Under Secretary Ernest Moniz, the Energy Department is emerging as a more powerful policy driver. Moniz has launched a Quadrennial Energy Review, aimed at analyzing the nation’s energy infrastructure. Moniz also is collaborating with McCarthy and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to craft a national strategy to address methane, a potent greenhouse gas that leaks from natural gas operations, and he will continue to draft new efficiency standards for buildings and commercial products.

Still, the center of the president’s climate plan lies with the EPA and its plan to finalize rules in the next two years to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from new and existing plants. In an interview, McCarthy said she and other administration officials still see coal plants as part of the nation’s energy mix “for the next 40 years” but said she was determined “to bend the curve on climate” by setting standards that will require utilities to build more efficient plants.

Of course, anyone who understands that what our illusionist-in-chief says is far different than what he means, knows full well that he could give a damn about protecting the environment or creating jobs with sustainable energy.  What he is actually shooting for is a complete government takeover of the means of energy production and  distribution, and the subsequent dependence of the American people on government for their energy needs…and everything else for that matter.  In other words, a shiny-red Marxist/Socialist utopia, without a hint of green anywhere.