Under Common Core Children Little More Than ‘Human Capital’

So much for raising our children as unique individuals with differing skills and aptitudes. Under President Obama’s Common Core curriculum, our kids are reduced to nothing more than “human capital,” all part of his collectivist vision.

Maggie’s Notebook has the details of the latest revelation on Common Core.

Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) has many layers and I won’t pretend to know how many there are but I have one for you today. Teachers and your children are classified as “Human Capital” under CCIS. Underway is the change of the standard ‘Human Resources Management’ to ‘The Strategic Management of Human Capital.’ In the end, the design is that your child becomes “human capital” to enter the “workforce.” (Read More)

There’s much more information at the link, including this quote from the former chairs of the Republican Party of Florida.

Even playing field means lowering American standards to meet those of the rest of the world. According to the UN, the international salary average is $21,500.  No cars, no air conditioning, no single family homes, according to the UN Biodiversity treaty.

Human Capital is taught that private property must take a backseat for the good of the collective. The students (human capital) should go to college and accumulate massive debt currently estimated at over $1 trillion. Debt that makes marriage, ownership of homes and cars nearly impossible. CCSS teaches collectivism, the one size shoe fits all, which is the antithesis of individual greatness.

American values and free market economics are not taught under CCSS.Students are taught to rely on the government. Only collectivism through social justice is part of the training.  Today 80% of the Human Capital think it is the government’s job to take care of them. High school American History begins at 1865, missing the creation and reason for the American experiment.

…CCSS will not create a solid foundation for global competition. Instead of free market capitalism, the public private partnership (PPP) model promoted by CCSS and RTTT destroys competition with subsidies given to favored corporations. This is not free market capitalism.

Teaching debt management, unproven science and sustainability will not help America’s children, our future leaders.  American leadership will not improve using the training school to work CCSS model. Training to work is not educating. Training stifles innovation, creativity, and competition.

Governors were told 15 years ago by Shirley McCune during the 1989 Governor Association on Education summit that: Students are HUMAN CAPITAL; Education’s purpose is to train students to work; The purpose of education was to transform society from individualism to collectivism and fact based education is not longer the primary focus of education. This “modern education” view has lead to CCSS and will increase the deterioration of public education. (Read More)

If you think your kids are safe from this rotten curriculum if they’re in private school, think again. Most private schools are on board with this. Rather than elevating the under-performing school districts, this is going to bring all districts down.

Not only is this push to turn our country into a collectivist hell infuriating, it’s also extremely sad and disappointing. President and Mrs. Obama are in the perfect position to be role models for America’s urban youth, but when is the last time you heard either of them talking about putting off having children until marriage? When have they denounced the gangster rap lifestyle? How often do they tell young men to live up to their responsibilities and take care of their families? In the past week we’ve had several stories of young black men murdering white victims for no reason other than hatred. The baseball player was shot, the WWII veteran was beaten to death with flashlights, but we get crickets from the White House. Where is the urban violence task force?

They have all the time and resources in the world for all of this other stuff, but refuse to address the real problems confronting our nation. You would think it’s more important for most people to be able walk down the street without being slaughtered than to see education ruined. But who even knows anymore? People are so focused on the trivial things these days, maybe they don’t notice what’s going on until someone they know or love is victimized.

The only thing that gives me the slightest bit of hope is that every teacher I’ve talked to, regardless of political affiliation, loathes Common Core. Maybe they can find a way to work around it in the classroom until we can scrap it. But the real problem remains in American homes, where parents are missing, either physically or emotionally, and have no idea what their kids are becoming until it’s too late.

Addendum: I see that Obama addressed race relations today while he was in Binghamton, NY to talk about education and the economy. He basically said the problem with helping the poor is that people are selfish. Those weren’t his exact words, but it’s the gist of it. Nothing about how many good people give to charity out of the goodness of their hearts. Nothing about the breakdown of so many American families. Just more of the same. And of course he didn’t mention how under his new education curriculum children are nothing more than little bees in a collectivist hive.

Sorry for this long rambling post. I kind of got carried away, but it’s all so frustrating lately.