Three Years Ago GOP Leaders Favored Defunding Obamacare, What Happened?


John Hawkins reminds us that three years ago he asked members of Republican leadership in the House if they would be in favor of defunding Obamacare. They seemed to be all for it.

Here’s what they had to say back in July of 2010.

We are going to fight to repeal this government takeover of health care and start over with solutions that focus first on lowering costs. Cutting off funding for ObamaCare is absolutely something I support. For example, I would support moving as soon as possible to deny any funding for the estimated 16,500 IRS employees that will be needed to implement ObamaCare. House Republicans will continue to stand with the American people against this unconstitutional government takeover of health care. — John Boehner

Yes, without question. Republicans will use every tool available to us to repeal the harmful law. Even in the minority, House Republicans have forced votes to immediately repeal some of the most egregious provisions of the law, including a vote to repeal the individual mandate. — Eric Cantor

Congress holds the power of the purse, and yes, I will support all efforts to cut off funding for ObamaCare. The Democrats’ government takeover of health care will kill jobs, infringe on individual liberty, and it fails to contain costs. —Mike Pence

If we are successful in repealing ObamaCare – and I’m going to work my heart out to repeal it – that would automatically – by definition – cut off the increased, out-of-control spending in the Obama-Pelosi health care bill. As House Republicans constantly told President Obama and Speaker Pelosi “We need to start over.” Once we’re back at Square One – the way things were before ObamaCare – we can begin a better process focused on smaller reforms that can gain bipartisan support -medical liability reform, enabling small businesses to pool together to purchase health insurance, allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines, etc. — Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Mike Pence gets a pass because he’s now the governor of Indiana. So what about the other three? Senator Ted Cruz has been out there every day working to build support for cutting off Obamacare funding, without much support from his own party. Where do they stand and why don’t we know where they stand? Don’t they understand that if they fund this monstrosity (with its massive giveaways to some while taking away from others) they’ll likely never be able to repeal it?