Surprise! Socialist Groups Helped Shape Financial Reform Law


Hold onto your seat, you’re going to be shocked when you hear this news.

Are you ready?

Socialist groups helped to write the FrankenDodd financial reform bill.

OK, so it’s not really a surprise. But now thanks to Investor’s Business Daily and a book written by the socialists you have confirmation of what you knew all along.

Socialist activists and their front groups played a shockingly outsized role shaping and passing the monumental financial reform legislation that authorized the creation of President Obama’s powerful consumer credit watchdog agency.

Their intimate involvement is revealed in a new book, “Financial Justice: The People’s Campaign to Stop Lender Abuse,” which offers a rare, if biased, behind-the-scenes look at the anti-bank movement’s multimillion-dollar lobbying effort in support of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Written by two leftist consumer advocates drawing from interviews with more than 30 of the activist-lobbyists, the book is a road map to their radical activities, from ginning up hatred for “greedy and unscrupulous” bankers to pressuring members of Congress to agree to things even some Democrats didn’t favor.

Their highly organized 2009-10 activities were coordinated by a well-funded coalition with a mainstream-sounding name: Americans for Financial Reform.

Read the whole thing, even if you are left feeling less financially protected than ever. Everything these people touch turns to crap, and that’s by design.