Senator Tim Scott Not Invited To MLK Event


US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) was not invited to speak at the major event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s landmark speech. The only explanation that makes sense for the only black US Senator to be excluded is that Scott is a conservative Republican.

Sen. Tim Scott, R.-S.C., the only African American serving in the United States Senate, wasn’t invited to the event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington, though a host of Democratic luminaries spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

They did invite a few Republicans, including former President George W. Bush, but they probably knew he couldn’t attend because of his recent heart surgery. All of the speakers were liberal and progressive, despite a growing number of black Republicans and conservatives. The organizers of this event don’t care about diversity of thought or ideology. If you don’t subscribe to their progressive doctrine you are to be excluded. But Senator Scott didn’t make a big deal about it.

“Senator Scott was not invited to speak at the event,” Greg Blair, a spokesman for the South Carolina lawmaker, said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “The senator believes today is a day to remember the extraordinary accomplishments and sacrifices of Dr. King, Congressman John Lewis, and an entire generation of black leaders. Today’s anniversary should simply serve as an opportunity to reflect upon how their actions moved our country forward in a remarkable way.” (Read More)

Or an opportunity to further inflame racial tensions.

Republicans did organize their own event which was attended by former Rep. Allen West, among others. That event didn’t get as much media attention. Oh, and the media probably won’t mention that 100,000 attendees for today’s event were expected, but only about 20,000 showed up. A few years ago Glenn Beck drew a much larger crowd than President Obama did today.