Scientists Funded With Tax Dollars Keep Results Secret


Did you know that scientists whose studies are funded by the government are allowed to keep their results secret? I never really gave it much thought, but it doesn’t surprise me. Worse yet, as the Washington Examiner pointed out, some of these studies aren’t really studies at all, but just searches of literature that’s already out there.

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Many scientific studies funded by federal agencies – through grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements, particularly those used to justify the most horrendous regulations – hide the guts of the science.

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What the scientists keep secret is the raw data they obtain in the real world and the methods they use to interpret it, as if those were personal possessions.

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Independent scientist Rob Roy Ramey told me of an extreme example: “A researcher tracked endangered desert bighorn sheep with government GPS radio collars to record precise animal locations for wildlife rangers.

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“He then reset the access codes so only he could download the data remotely, and refused to surrender the codes. So California Fish and Game had to track down and net-gun the bighorns from a helicopter in order to manually download the collar data, costing a fortune and endangering both animals and people.”

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Agency “science” frequently isn’t about data collection at all, but instead is a “literature search,” with researchers in a library selecting papers and reports by others that merely summarize results and give opinions of the actual scientists.

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These agency researchers never even see the underlying data, much less collect it in the field. The agency then holds up those second-hand opinions as if they had rigorously tested them against the data. Using this unscrupulous tactic, you can cherry-pick the literature to make any case you want.

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Read the whole thing, there’s much more at the link, including how they use these bogus studies to control our land to appease the environmental lobby.