RNC Focuses on Failing Networks Losing Audience Instead of Conservative Message


I have a problem with the chairman of a political party that should be working on outreach and growth complaining about leftists working on outreach and growth. Is anyone reading this really surprised that NBC and CNN are working on propping up Hillary Clinton? How much of a problem is it really considering the ever dwindling viewership of both networks? Sure it’s bias but it’s blatant bias that is so obvious as to not require some whiney response. He should have just given a quick, semi-interested aside referencing those news organization’s undying love affair with the Clintons and something like “it’s too bad they aren’t airing it on ESPN, because no one is going to see it”. He then should have turned around and got back to work.

No. Instead he provided some free hype and advertising and helped market something which probably will have a small audience to begin with.
Per ABC news:

The RNC has too much time on its hands apparently. They certainly are not busy enough with a conservative message. The RNC whiffs on immigration, it whiffs on Obamacare, and it whiffs on the concept of liberty. The RNC never embraced the Tea party groups. The RNC simply took for granted that they’d pop in and vote for someone because they had an ‘R’ next to their name. Ooops.

From Reince Priebus’s temper:

“It’s appalling to know executives at major networks like NBC and CNN who have  donated to Democrats and Hillary Clinton have taken it upon themselves to be  Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives,” he said.

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Duh! NBC and CNN donated mostly to Democrats. Shocking.

Yes, the RNC should never agree to debates with moderators with an agenda, but they shouldn’t need a stupid mini-series or pseudo-documentary (that haven’t even been filmed yet) as an excuse to turn down debate shows. What kind of young impressionable potential voter is going to get excited for a party run by a chairman who looks like a whiney bitch complaining? Our nation needs some fighters and those fighters are shunned by the party. They are called wacko birds and hobbits and tea baggers and on and on and on. I think our party needs a little revolution of its own.

Am I being too hard on Reince? Let me know.