Oh My! Obamacare Event Attracts One Volunteer



Team Obama began a big push to start selling Obamacare to the American people this weekend. If the law was popular it really wouldn’t need selling, but then again, Obamacare isn’t popular. Why else would they have to resort to door-to-door salesmen, or have only one person stuck around for a roll-out event in Ohio?

That means gatherings like today’s in Centreville — although the slow start here is probably not what OFA organizers had in mind. After a scheduling snafu over the start time, a few people showed up and left before it actually started. Just one volunteer stayed to help work the phone bank for the health law, and the event’s organizer bolted after 20 minutes — although he was bound for another Obamacare event, a house party. (Read More)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, OFA is Organizing for Action, the new name of Obama’s campaign organization that was granted non-profit status in record time while tea party and other conservative groups were being harassed by the IRS.