Obama: “We Don’t Get Terrorized” – Tell That to Chicago School Children


One of Obama’s latest moves to help his image is to deny reality.

Obama on threats: ‘We don’t get terrorized’

The Associated Press

President Barack Obama says security threats will never lead the U.S. to retreat from the world. He says Americans don’t get terrorized.

Obama was responding Wednesday to new threats from al-Qaida (al-KAH’-ee-duh) that led the U.S. to close 19 diplomatic outposts and evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

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Obama has tried to dissuade us that the US is “terrorized” despite the very stark visuals of embassies being abandoned across the Middle East. One section of the world that no one, not even Obama, can argue that it isn’t “terrorized” is his home city of Chicago. The children of Chicago are very likely the most terrorized children in North America.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

My favorite quote from the video (emphasis mine):

“But community members and the teachers union have criticized the plan. One issue at hand – the safe passage workers do have vests, but they are not ARMED police officers.”

Remember, we aren’t terrorized so don’t worry kids – Rahm is running a safe city for you.