Obama Uses Taxpayer Funds To Boost His Image And Vilify The Opposition


President Obama has been using White House staff and resources to send out daily emails boosting his image and vilifying his political opposition. What a shock.

President Obama often rails against “perpetual campaigns” in politics, but the White House is increasingly waging a partisan-edged campaign funded by taxpayers through a flood of daily emails to the public in support of his agenda.

Whether the topic is gun control or immigration reform, the White House is using taxpayer dollars for staff and equipment to promote Mr. Obama’s image and frequently to target his opponents in Congress for scorn through a series of e-newsletters.

“The president thinks Washington has largely taken its eye off the ball on the most important issue facing the country,” senior presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer wrote in one such email last month. “Instead of talking about how to help the middle class, too many in Congress are trying to score political points, refight old battles, and trump up phony scandals.”

Those irresponsible people in Congress are Republicans, of course, and the “phony” scandals involve the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups and the House’s probe of the lethal terrorist attack at the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

In April, after gun control legislation failed to pass in the Senate, the White House sent supporters a mass email titled “Shameful.”

Read the whole thing. What’s shameful is the way this president and his administration operate.