No Bon Jovi At The New York State Fair Thanks To Cuomo


This news broke while I was on vacation, but it came to mind now that the New York State Fair is underway. Bon Jovi had been booked to be the headline grandstand act tomorrow night. The concert was expected to bring in over a million dollars to the Fair. But the contract was cancelled because Bon Jovi decided to play at a political fundraiser for Governor Andrew Cuomo instead, even though that show wasn’t even on the same night.

Reports, including one on, indicate that the decision to pull out of the State Fair appearance was in an effort to save political face, as there would be a conflict “playing a private show for the governor and then three days later being paid $650,00 to perform at the fair.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzorpardi counters: “The contract was pulled at the request of the band for scheduling conflicts.”

Local reaction has not been positive, according toLee Ann Taylor, the morning show host on the Binghamton, New York, classic rock station, 99.1 The Whale.

“The New York State Fair is struggling and Bon Jovi would have been a huge boost for them like Aerosmith a few years back,” Taylor said.  “Choosing politics over the people is becoming  a disturbing trend with music artists, and the musicians need to remember who put them in the position to go to perform at these fundraisers to begin with. Upstate New York is hurting, and Bon Jovi would have lifted her spirits.”

Now it doesn’t look like any act is scheduled for the grandstand on August 28th. So not only do the people miss out, but the Fair, which is run by the state, loses out on the revenue. But hey, at least Cuomo was able to raise some funds. That’s all that seems to matter these days – keeping Democrats in power at all costs.