Nidal Hasan Sentenced To Death


Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for the murder of 13 people during his jihadist rampage on Ft. Hood in 2009. It looks like he’ll be meeting his 72 virgins early. Nobody tell him that they’re all men who use bacon grease as lubricant.

Hasan never denied being the gunman and has said the attack on unarmed soldiers was motivated by a desire to protect Muslim insurgents fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Because he did not dispute the allegations, the trial has been primarily a pursuit of the death penalty.

The same jury that sentenced him to death Wednesday also found him guilty last week in the attack, which also wounded more than 30 people at the Texas military base.

Military prosecutors believed that any sentence short of death would deny.

Before an execution date is set, the sentence will face years, if not decades, of appeals. (Read More)

Why would he appeal? He barely put up a defense and didn’t deny the attack?