Liberals, They Wreck The Economy, Then Jail You If You Sleep In Your Car


car home

People can’t catch a break these days. Reason TV pointed out in the video below how officials in Palo Alto, CA have made it illegal for people to sleep in their cars. Good grief, the progressives ruined the economy, and now they want to make it a crime to be poor. I thought they were supposed to be compassionate. In all fairness, I suppose they will just encourage all of the car dwellers to sign up for all of the taxpayer funded goodies they can think of. Then nobody will feel like they need to live in their cars. Unfortunately, by the time they’re done we’ll ALL be living in our cars, if we’re lucky enough too still have cars.

Oh, and the folks in Palo Alto beat out Nanny Bloomberg, who wants to outlaw e-cigarettes that help people quit smoking, for the Nanny of the Month award. That’s not exactly a great honor, but hey, it’s something.