Kerry Snubs Great Britain, Praises France


The Obama administration has had some discussions with congressional leaders about using force in Syria, but has yet to call Congress back for a debate and a vote. On the other hand, British Prime Minister David Cameron went to Parliament but came up short of the votes needed to intervene. Now it looks like the US is prepared to go it alone, or at least without a coalition that includes the British. But John Kerry had nice things to say about France, while snubbing the British, who did things the way they’re supposed to.

In laying out the case for military strikes on Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday had praise for the French, who he called “our oldest ally,” but snubbed any mention of the British, who have long believed they enjoyed a “special relationship” with the U.S.

Mr. Kerry was trying to rally world support for retaliatory strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and pointing to other nations that have concluded troops loyal to the Assad government used chemical weapons last week.

Mr. Kerry cited Australia, Turkey and the Arab League — as well as the French.

“Our oldest ally, the French, said the regime, quote, ‘committed this vile action, and it is an outrage to use weapons that the community has banned for the last 90 years in all international conventions,’ ” Mr. Kerry said. (Read More)

The US has deployed a fifth warship to the Mediterranean Sea, how many has France deployed? What about the Arab League? Those who were critical of George Bush and Iraw, who had approval from Congress and a broad coalition of allies, are now about to get us into a war with none of the above. They say they’re considering “limited” action, but what if Syria bombs one of our ships, or Iran retaliates? Even if there is no retaliation, we’ll still be helping al Qaeda. So much for that Nobel Peace Prize.