Hillarious! NRCC Takes On Sean Eldridge In NY19, Takes Over Web Domain


This is hilarious. The NRCC is coming out strong against Sean Eldridge, the New York City millionaire who moved upstate to run against Chris Gibson in NY19. Seriously, theDemocrats are running a transplant who married into tremendous wealth against Gibson, a war veteran who understands the people he represents because he grew up with them. Eldridge is trying to buy his way into a political career with the blessing of his party.

NRCC Northeast Communications Director Ian Prior says they are giving this race special attention because it’s symbolic of the Democrats’ hypocrisy. And by special attention, I mean, special attention! The NRCC has bought the domain SeanEldridgeforCongress2014.com and have a big ad buy to direct internet searches to the site. Those looking for information on Eldridge will be greeted with the following introduction:

Multi-millionaire Sean Eldridge is running for Congress so that he can take his rightful place alongside the liberal elitist establishment in Washington D.C. that is seeking to return America to the one-party rule of 2008-10. Sean is hoping to buy your support in the coming 18 months and he put a big down payment on that purchase when he bought his new $2 million dollar mansion in Shokan so that he could run for Congress.

They even have pictures!


Prior pointed out Eldridge’s close relationship with Nancy Pelosi. They’re so close she even attended his wedding. Also notable is that as Eldridge attends events in his new community, he doesn’t mention his intention to run for office. He’s the “poster child of the Democrats’ hypocrisy,” says Prior, who pointed out the difference between these two candidates.

“Voters in the 19th District will have a choice between two very different candidates in 2014. Kinderhook native Congressman Chris Gibson is a bona fide war hero who served his country with honor for 24 years and continues to serve in Congress as a voice for his home district. Sean Eldridge is a district shopping, inexperienced, multimillionaire who wants to leverage money he didn’t earn into a Congressional seat. 
For voters that want a Congressman to represent the interests of hard working families in the 19th District, Chris Gibson is the right candidate. For those that want someone who may not understand the needs of the middle class, but can get into all the best D.C. parties and be Nancy Pelosi’s out-of-touch protege,Sean Eldridge is the guy.”

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats in 2012 painted Mitt Romney as a one-percenter who didn’t understand the needs of the middle class, and then they back this guy who is worth three times as much as Romney, who actually earned his money?

As a side note, this reminds me of Peggy Noonan’s column from the other day on the 2012 election, and how the Obama campaign managed to overcome the rotten economy and pull out a win.

At the same time they decided to go after Mitt Romney hard, and remove him as a reasonable alternative. His selling point was that he understood the economy and made it work for him: He was rich. They turned that into a tale of downsizing, layoffs and rapacious capitalism. An Obama adviser: “He may get the economy, he may know how to make money . . . but every time he did, folks like you lost your pensions, lost your jobs.”

Somehow the Romney campaign never saw it coming.

Republicans, now and in 2016, should remember the colorful but not at all high-minded approach of Obama campaign manager Jim Messina. “My favorite political philosopher is Mike Tyson,” he told Mr. Balz. “Mike Tyson once said everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don’t have a plan anymore.” Obama’s people punched first, and hard.

It’s nice to see the GOP to taking the gloves off, coming out swinging and landing the first punch.