Family Health Care Premiums Up Almost $3,000 Since Obamacare Passed


Hey, remember when President Obama promised that Obamacare would reduce families’ health insurance premiums by $2,500 per year? He was just kidding. In reality, premiums have risen almost $3,000 per year since the Democrats rammed that crap sandwich through Congress and Obama signed it into law.

The average employer-provided family health insurance premiums have climbed $2,976 since 2009, according to an annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey released this week. They’re up $3,671 compared with the year before President Obama took office. That’s despite Obama’s repeated promises that the health care reform law he championed would cut premiums by $2,500 in his first term.

And while annual premium increases have moderated over the past two years, that’s due to trends in the insurance market largely unrelated to¬†ObamaCare, and trends the law could actually reverse.

The Kaiser survey found that the average family premium this year is $16,351, up 4% over last year, and up 22% since 2009. After adjusting for inflation, premiums climbed an average 3.2% a year in Obama’s first term, higher than the 2.7% average during President Bush’s last four years in office.

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