Extreme Democrat City Harmful to Human Life, but “We Don’t get Terrorized”


Rahm is the perfect extreme Democrat loved by all the other extreme Democrats and happily adored by all the extreme tools who consistently vote extreme Democrat. What these extreme tools don’t understand, or care to recognize, is that extreme Democrat policy is harmful to human life. It makes populations generally miserable and can lead to death. How? Well, by violence, that’s how.

Rahm’s recent extreme Democrat brilliance is to ignore the real reasons for the deadly mayhem and violence condemning his city’s children to death. His failing city is preparing for the upcoming school season. To prepare, he has set up “safe passage” routes – as I have commented on before – because according to Obama “we don’t get terrorized”.

Safe passage routes in Chicago mean they are a good place to get shot:

2 Shot, 1 Fatally, Along CPS Safe Passage Route

Two people were shot, one of them fatally, in an attack along  one of the Chicago Public Schools safe passage routes Saturday, police said.

The shooting took place around 6:45 p.m. near 29th and State  Streets when a gunman opened fire on two people along the street.

Police said a 54-year-old man and a 25-year-old man were  critically injured in the shooting and taken to John H. Stroger Hospital.

The 25-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the  arm and a  graze wound to the stomach and remained in the hospital Sunday  morning

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Extreme Democrats are extremely dangerous.