Back To Reality

Today my family and I returned from a week long vacation in the mountains. It was a much needed break. We still heard about most of the bad news in the world, but it was nice not to dwell on it. I went a few days without giving much thought to politicians. Then I saw this and a few of them came to mind.


That’s a horse’s rear end, in case you’re wondering.

Here’s the horse I rode. His name is Turbo. He must have gotten that name when he was younger, which was fine by me. He might be slow but he’s a real sweet heart, even if he doesn’t like to trot.


Our accommodations certainly were nowhere near as plush as the Obamas’ in Martha’s Vineyard, and we weren’t hanging with vulture capitalists, but we had a roof over our heads and a beautiful lake view from the deck. The beer was cold, the grill was hot and the company was fantastic, what more could we ask for?

We did plenty of fun things. I’ll bet the NSA knows all about where we went and what we did.


As for the news of the week, thanks to Maggie, Bill, Andy and Tim for picking up the slack for me. I see the fruits of President Obama’s foreign policy are about what you would expect.

I’ve still got a bit of unpacking to do, but will be back to my regular blogging shortly.