Your Tax Dollars At Work-Sending Obama On An Immigration Tour


President Obama is itching for a political win. In the midst of all of these scandals I guess you can’t blame him. Except for the fact that he and his appointees have brought all of their problems on themselves, and we the taxpayers have to pick up every tab they run up. So now we get to be on the hook to pay for his travel as he tries to sell immigration reform to the American people.

“Obama likely will travel in the coming months to some of the battleground states he won with the help of a robust Latino vote—possibly including Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida—to argue the economic case for passing the immigration overhaul,” according to a July 7 report in the Wall Street Journal.

“He will also try to convince reticent Republican lawmakers that the GOP’s viability as a national party with aspirations of winning back the White House is linked to the fate of the bill,” said the report, which was attributed to White House officials.(Read More)

Unfortunately, the Pope seems to be on the same page as Obama. Words can’t describe how much this distresses me.